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CardioSignal patient information

You have been asked to use the CardioSignal app to check for atrial fibrillation (AF) which is a type of irregular heartbeat. People with AF are more likely to have a stroke than people without AF and so it is important to check whether your heart rhythm is normal.

AF becomes more common as we get older. People who have conditions such as diabetes or heart failure are also more likely to have AF. AF is usually detected by a simple pulse rhythm check. Follow this link for more information on AF.

CardioSignal is an app which can detect AF using technology within your mobile phone. The app is widely used across Europe but is new to the UK. Your GP surgery is taking part in a new project to see whether using CardioSignal will improve the diagnosis of AF in the UK health system.

Sign up for the CardioSignal app here

* Use this link if you need help to find your NHS number

Phone and email requirements

To use the CardioSignal app you will need either an:

Please note that this app only works on a mobile phone – it cannot be used on a tablet device eg iPad.

You will also need:

  • WiFi access at home or mobile data
  • An email account

How to use the CardioSignal app

This page has more information on how to use the CardioSignal app, what the results it gives you mean and when you need to contact your GP practice.

Alternatively you can download this information as a leaflet (pdf)