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Impact case studies 2016-19

Clinical Innovation Adoption

Find out more about our Clinical Innovation Adoption programme

Reducing death and disability related to stroke

  • Award-winning Oxford AHSN programme – ‘Detect, Protect, Perfect’ improving detection and management of atrial fibrillation (AF) which increases risk of stroke​
  • Working with all 15 AHSNs, commissioners, GPs, pharmacists, NHS trusts and industry​
  • More detailed reviews, more AF detected

More details on improving detection and management of atrial fibrillation (AF)

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Angry handNetwork improves arthritis care

  • Regional network of expert clinicians set up
  • Focus on early inflammatory arthritis
  • Raising awareness in patients and GPs
  • Supporting prompt diagnosis and treatment
  • Award-winning ‘Angry Hand’ campaign

More details on establishing networks to improve patient care in early inflammatory arthritis case study (pdf)

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Patient Safety and Clinical Improvement

Find out more about our Patient Safety and Clinical Improvement programme on

NHS adopts sepsis tool

  • New tool improves sepsis management
  • Consistent approach based on best data
  • Oxford AHSN methodology published in BMJ Open, 2017
  • AHSNs collaborate to develop Insights Dashboard, 2018
  • Winner national HSJ Patient Safety Award, 2019
  • Adopted nationally by NHS

Read more about the Suspicion of Sepsis Insights Dashboard

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More premature babies saved

  • Improved access to specialist maternity care is increasing survival chances of extremely premature babies
  • AHSN maternity network oversaw overhaul of regional referral pathways
  • Now more focused on what’s best for mother and baby
  • 50% increase in extremely pre-term babies born in unit with highest level of expertise
  • Four extra young lives saved per year

More details on AHSN Network – Improving regional referral pathway saves lives of premature babies

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Fewer urinary tract infections in care homes due to improved hydration

  • ‘Good Hydration!’ initiative based on regular drinks rounds ​
  • Urinary tract infections leading to hospital admission reduced by 36%​
  • UTIs requiring antibiotics reduced by 58%
  • Won five national prizes including NICE Shared Learning and HSJ Patient Safety 2018
  • Started in east Berkshire, spreading within and beyond Oxford AHSN region

More details on AHSN Network – Reducing urinary tract infections in care homes by improving hydration

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Better outcomes for many more people with anxiety and depression

  • Oxford AHSN Anxiety and Depression network carries out monthly detailed performance data analysis of psychological therapies services​
  • Resulting improvement activity leads to consistently high recovery rates ​
  • Savings of £1,870 per person over two years for patients with long-term conditions and anxiety/depression

More details on AHSN Network – Better outcomes for hundreds more people with anxiety and depression

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Strategic and Industry Partnerships

Find out more about our Strategic and Industry Partnerships

Better pre-eclampsia diagnosis

  • Oxford AHSN leading regional/national roll-out of new test
  • Quicker, more accurate diagnosis leads to improved safety
  • Fewer unnecessary admissions, less patient stress
  • Increased NHS maternity capacity/efficiency and reduced costs
  • NHS/industry/research partnership wins national/international awards

More details on PlGF-based testing for pre-eclampsia

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Blood test delivers better care

  • More accurate antibiotic prescribing for childhood illnesses
  • Point of care blood test aids clinical decision-making
  • Lab quality results delivered much quicker
  • Easing pressure on emergency departments
  • Reducing NHS costs and increasing efficiency

More details on unique point of care blood test speeds up clinical decision-making, improves quality of care and reduces costs

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Better care for women who develop diabetes in pregnancy

  • Digital remote monitoring enhances real-time support at home leading to fewer hospital visits
  • NHS/research/industry collaboration
  • Oxford AHSN facilitated NHS uptake and commercialisation
  • Up to 45 jobs created by industry partner Sensyne Health
  • £5m invested into patient care and research
  • £60m raised through investor roadshows

More details on Healthcare tech company’s expansion and Stock Exchange listing enabled by Oxford AHSN expertise

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