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Working with researchers and research funders

We work with research funders to:

  • support the translation of research into clinical practice
  • implement research outputs rapidly by providing business cases and by supporting commissioners and providers
  • provide effective signposting and advice to companies seeking to develop and evaluate new therapies and diagnostics.

Current projects

  • Purines for rapid identification of stroke mimics (PRISM)

with Sarissa Biomedical, funded by Innovate UK

Accurate identification of stroke and mimic patients in ambulances and emergency departments would lead to improved patient outcomes and better use of limited specialist resources. Sarissa Biomedical is working with researchers and NHS services to develop a simple point of care diagnostic blood test (SMARTChip) which measures blood purine levels. The Oxford AHSN is working with the NIHR Newcastle In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative helping generate the right evidence to facilitate adoption.

  • COPD exacerbation alert for patient stratification

with Mologic, funded by Innovate UK

Early identification of COPD exacerbation has the potential to reduce the severity of exacerbations by allowing faster treatment and reducing the need for emergency visits to the GP and emergency department. Mologic has developed two products for patient stratification for COPD. These are simple urine-based tests similar to the familiar home pregnancy test kits. The Oxford AHSN is working with the NIHR Newcastle In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative and the Oxford-based NIHR Community Healthcare Medtech and In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative to help generate the right evidence to facilitate adoption.

  • The IMmune Profiling of ICU PAtients to address Chronic Critical illness and ensure healthy ageing (IMPACCT)

with Biomerieux, funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in Health (EIT-Health)

The IMPACCT project aims at evaluate the usefulness of an innovative diagnostic test – the Immune Profile Panel (IPP) – in stratifying critically ill patients who have sepsis. The aim is to greatly improve sepsis clinical outcomes through the use of a predictive tool that monitors immune changes in sepsis patients.

Opportunities to get involved

Eight European partners are recruiting 600 sepsis patients in intensive care (ICU) to evaluate their immune status over time with prognostic biomarkers, using a fully integrated and automated molecular platform. The objective of the clinical study, which runs from 2020-22, is to identify a sub-group of sepsis patients at high risk of a poor outcome and further infectious complications, and to validate the prognostic biomarkers. The Oxford AHSN would like to survey healthcare professionals involved in the care of ICU patients on the potential utility of this new predictive tool. The online survey should take no longer than ten minutes to complete. Please contact for a link to the  survey.

The £140m AI in Health and Care Award offers funding across four phases: feasibility, development, real world testing and initial adoption in the NHS. The Oxford AHSN supported seven of the 42 successful bids worth £5m in Round 1.

Contact or to discuss support for grant funding applications.

The NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) infrastructure includes some of the AHSNs’ most important partners:

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