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Stimulating economic growth

AHSNs help mobilise the value that the NHS can add as an economic asset within the UK economy. Through the ‘Innovation Pathway’ we broker access to a range of expert support and services across the health and care sectors that support NHS innovators and companies to realise the commercial and economic potential of their ideas.

Our partners are developing innovative models of care effectively creating a ‘lit runway’ for innovations to follow. This interactive map illustrates the guidance and resources available at each step.

The economic value that the NHS offers spans many industry sectors and can be seen at all stages of the Innovation Pathway from invention through to adoption and post-adoption evaluation in practice.

The UK economy benefits in many ways from this support for innovations and innovators by:

  • accessing innovations from within the NHS requiring development and commercialisation
  • accessing technical expertise to create an evidence base for efficacy and position products or services within the health and care market
  • de-risking investments through better understanding of the need, the market and the value proposition
  • accessing the NHS as a market – adoption and spread
  • post-adoption evaluation in practice for assessment of long-term safety and efficacy.

The positive outcomes for the care system in terms of early access to transformative technology and services are well documented. There is also significant benefit accruing to the companies we work with and to the economy generally with jobs created, investment leveraged, and UK and export contracts won by companies.

The NHS and social care are complex landscapes and can be daunting markets, but through the Innovation Exchange funded by the Office for Life Sciences, the AHSNs broker the relationships and introductions necessary to support innovators and companies.