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Patient and Public Involvement, Engagement and Experience

PPIEE governance graphicInvolving patients is at the heart of the Oxford AHSN. We always try to include the public, patients and carers in our work. We ask all those we work with to do the same.

Our pledge is to:

  • make sure we involve patients, carers and the public, our lay partners and associates
  • do things that matter to patients
  • listen to, and act on, what patients, carers and the public say about their experience

We are building a network of professionals and patients from across the Thames Valley and Milton Keynes region. This network works to improve individual care and change culture.

Douglas Findlay and Sian Rees

The Patient and Public Involvement, Engagement and Experience programme is co-led by Dr Siân Rees, Director, and Douglas Findlay, Lead Lay Partner. They are pictured left.

If you would like any further information, please email Laurie Kenny, Coordinator, at