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Patient experience groups

Our vision is to support and develop the delivery of high-quality, person-centred care, research and innovation across the Thames Valley and Milton Keynes.

How we work

  • doing things together – supporting patients, carers and the public to be involved throughout our work from shaping early thinking to evaluating the end result
  • being inclusive – actively involving all stakeholders, including those who are seldom heard and ensure that all our communications are accessible to all
  • doing things once and sharing – using existing expertise and structures whenever possible and coordinating our work with that of other organisations
  • being open about what we are doing and why.

We have two groups to deliver the joint patient and public involvement, engagement and experience strategy with NHS England South East:

  1. an operational group which meets eight-weekly to deliver the strategy
  2. an oversight group which meets three times a year to provide advice and strategic direction

We have lay representatives on both groups.