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Recognised adoption barriers

NICE Adoption scoping report

The NICE Adoption Scoping Report was developed to investigate barriers in prescribing biologics. The report is a high-level summary of some of the common issues raised when speaking about barriers to asthma biologics prescribing for eligible patients. It represents the views of respiratory consultants in both specialist prescribing centres and in secondary care and of GPs.

National benchmarking exercise

carried out by the AHSN Network, this enabled greater understanding of how different organisations identify patients, what capacity and resources are available, if there are any significant barriers and, most importantly, finding and sharing areas of great clinical practice.

To be launched soon!

Audit of wait times for initiating biologics

Currently, it is not known how long people with severe asthma are waiting for biologic treatment. The process to get biologic treatment can be very lengthy. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how long this process takes and how it varies across the country in order to ensure patients access biologic treatment as quickly as possible, no matter where they live.

It is proposed that the audit of wait times focuses on the time from referral into a severe asthma centre to approval of first biologic and will provide ‘deep dives’ into the best and worst performing centred to understand why wait times vary.

The data collection of wait times for biologic initiation is carried out by Asthma UK in order to assess the wait time for biologic treatment and to work with severe asthma centres and severe asthma experts to set waiting times standards for biologic initiation.

The findings will be written up in the report and will be launched soon!

Equality and Health Impact Assessment evidence summary

Asthma and Biologics report EHIA and evidence summary


Severe Asthma: Optimal Pathway of Care (Draft)