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Participation in airways research

Both the availability and quality of clinical care for patients with airways disease is variable. One factor that has been shown to consistently improve quality and clinical outcomes in many disease areas is involvement of patients and practitioners with research. There are clear benefits for all parties when they are research active and it should be a priority for all care providers to consider the role that research can play in improving the care they offer and that patients receive.

All NHS provider organisations have research departments and the growth of health research, especially of a translational and clinical focus, is a key goal for the Department of Health. Respiratory disease is common and occurs in all care settings. Research into the disease and its treatments is practicable and applicable in all of these settings.

We want to increase participation from partner organisations. We know that research activity leads to better care.

We aim to enhance the visibility of the work that is currently being performed and engage the wider respiratory community with research. Through this we will increase study recruitment and achieve secondary benefits on an individual’s clinical outcomes.


This project will cover the entire Oxford AHSN region and will also involve all healthcare providers in both primary and secondary care and specialist providers.


  • Raise awareness of the current clinical trial programmes
  • Increase recruitment of patients into clinical trials
  • Improve the quality of care for airways patients through the effect of research on the knowledge of care providers and patients alike.
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