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Open Up: public messages

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Do you take all the medicines you are prescribed?

Open up to your GP

  • Tell your GP or the GP practice staff if there are medicines that are prescribed for you that you do not use
  • They can explain how to get your medicines reviewed
  • If there are medicines that don’t suit you, your GP may suggest others that could be better

Open up to your pharmacist

  • Make it clear to your pharmacy what medicines you need
  • Open your medicines bag before you leave the pharmacy. Hand back any medicines you don’t need
  • Medicines can not be reused once they’ve left the pharmacy

Open up while in hospital

  • Take all the medicines you are using into hospital with you
  • If you change wards while you’re in hospital make sure your medicines move with you
  • When you leave hospital be sure you know which medicines you need to take

Find out more about the Open Up About Medicines campaign here.

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