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Case studies and publications

Please see below for Case Studies and other information associated with the Oxford AHSN Medicines Optimisation Clinical Network’s projects:

Case studies


  1. Roberts, L.H., Vadher, B., Tutcher, D. Pharmacy Transfer of Care Project – Supporting Patients on Discharge from Hospital. Transformation Programme – Project Showcase Event, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, July, 2015.
  2. Roberts, L.H., Teasdale, S., Vadher, B., Crowley, C., Bailey, J., Vincent, V. Subcutaneous Insulin Harm Reduction: An Oxford Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) Project. Patient Safety Federation Final Showcase Event, 2015.
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  7. Roberts, L.H., Tutcher, D., Vadher, B., Trower, C. Transforming Communication through Transfers of Care between Hospital and Community Pharmacy: An Oxford Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) Initiative in Partnership with PharmOutcomes. BioTrinity, April, 2016. (Abstract submitted, February, 2016).
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