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Patient feedback

The Early Intervention in Psychosis service has been the stepping stone that I needed. The team has helped me step up and leave my mental problems behind. They gave me support to apply to university. They gave me so much encouragement.

‘From the beginning the Early Intervention Team members have been a welcoming and helpful service that taught me how to improve my wellbeing and how to deal with all the issues that I had. My experience of working with the team exceeded all my expectations.’

‘The Early Intervention Team have not only provided me with information and support, I have also been cared for by a team that as well as having fantastic knowledge and expertise have truly taken the time to get to know me as a person and my family.’  

‘Just wanted to thank everyone at the Early Intervention in Psychosis Team for all the help I received and how fast I received it. The team have been amazing in helping with my recovery and I’m very grateful.’

‘I don’t think I would have pulled through the illness without the support.  I have had the opportunity to meet others in similar situations and made some great friends for life. It was an honour to be able to offer support and advice to other patients suffering from similar illnesses, and be able to say “I’ve been there” in the lowest and darkest moments, when you think there is no light at the end of the tunnel – but you fully recover and there is light and “normality” afterwards.’

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