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Unravelling the mysteries of diabetes public event 04/06/14

The Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism (OCDEM) held its first Public Engagement Event on 4 June 2014. The aim was to celebrate the science and research performed in OCDEM and hopefully help patients and the public unravel some of the mysteries of diabetes.

The event covered everything carried out at OCDEM, including:

  • basic science using cells and genes in our laboratories
  • small scale studies performed in human volunteers in the Clinical Research Unit
  • larger clinical trials of new drugs or devices.

The Oxford AHSN Diabetes Clinical Network has an important position in this pathway, supporting the roll-out of new treatments and innovations in diabetes care into clinical use and helping OCDEM and other local centres achieve world class care of patients. The Diabetes Network supported this event by showcasing how we are using new technology to help the care of people with diabetes. The Oxford AHSN Diabetes Clinical Network stands included:

  • Telehealth in gestational diabetes: this is a smartphone app developed jointly by the diabetes antenatal team at the Oxford Woman’s Hospital and the University of Oxford Physics Department. The app uses a smartphone to transmit blood sugar readings to the hospital team and messages back to the patient. It reduces hospital visits and increases communication for women with diabetes in pregnancy.
  • Monster Manor: this is a smartphone game app being promoted locally by the Diabetes Clinical Network, which encourages children with type 1 diabetes to measure their blood sugars more often by making testing more fun.
  • Breath ketone testing: Oxford Medical Diagnostics have won an innovation award for this new technology which measures ketones in breath rather than finger prick blood tests. This could be developed into an early warning sign for diabetic ketoacidosis – a dangerous complication of diabetes.
  • The new islet transplant clinic network – islet cell transplant is an advanced treatment offered to some people with type 1 diabetes and low blood sugars. At the moment the service is based in Oxford, but the Diabetes Clinical Network is supporting the establishment of a network of clinics in peripheral hospitals to help increase access for everyone in the Oxford AHSN region.


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Unravelling the mysteries of diabetes – the OCDEM public engagement event 04/06/14




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