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Diabetes Clinical Network projects

The Oxford AHSN Diabetes Clinical Network worked with partners in the NHS, academia and industry on a range of initiatives to evaluate innovative technology and improve diabetes care across our region.

Using smartphone technology to manage gestational diabetes
The GDm Health Management System provides a convenient way for women with gestational diabetes to send their blood glucose readings to diabetes specialists using a Bluetooth-enabled glucose meter and a smartphone app. The clinical team can respond quickly by text which results in better management and fewer tiring, time-consuming and expensive visits to outpatient clinics.

Islet cell transplantation: improving regional accessibility
Islet cell transplantation is a specialist treatment for patients with type 1 diabetes and severe hypoglycaemia. To improve access to this service in the Oxford AHSN region, we are helping to set up a hub-and-spoke clinic network to enable initial assessment and some follow-up to be carried out locally in virtual clinics while the procedure takes place in Oxford.

Child’s play: encouraging 5-10 year-olds with type 1 diabetes to log blood glucose readings
Monster Manor is a smartphone/tablet game aimed at children with type 1 diabetes which the Diabetes Clinical Network has evaluated, in partnership with Diabetes UK, Sanofi and Ayogo. Players were asked their opinion of the game and its effect on their blood glucose testing habits and download statistics were analysed.

Improving outcomes for young adults with diabetes
Most young adults with diabetes have Type 1 but Type 2 is increasing in this age group. Young adults with diabetes form a high proportion of emergency hospital admissions related to diabetes. Getting the right diagnosis can be difficult as there is often overlap between the features of Type 1, Type 2 and the rarer forms of diabetes.

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