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Parents and children 2016/17

Little Squirts Fighting Flu: Children’s Flu Vaccination Programme

Help protect your child against flu

Why get your child vaccinated?

Getting your child vaccinated is the best thing you can do to help protect them against flu this autumn and winter.


The routine children’s flu vaccine is a painless nasal spray with an excellent safety record.


Flu is a very unpleasant illness and can be really serious, especially for children with medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes.


Vaccination helps stop flu spreading to the rest of your family and friends, including babies and grandparents who may be at higher risk from flu.

Who is being offered the children’s flu vaccine?

This year all children aged two, three and four years and those in school years 1, 2 and 3 are being offered the flu vaccine.

Where can you get the children’s flu vaccine?

The nasal spray flu vaccine will be given to children aged two, three and four via their GP practice. Children who are in school years 1, 2 and 3 in the Oxford AHSN region will be offered the nasal spray in school by their local community healthcare provider – full details here.

The nasal spray is suitable for the vast majority of children. Your healthcare provider will talk to you about an alternative should your child be unable to have the spray for medical reasons.

Leaflets, posters and cards

Protecting your child against flu

Public Health England (PHE) leaflet



For parents

AstraZeneca is the sole provider of the children’s nasal flu vaccine.

For children

Flu Heroes video

Please speak to your GP practice or other healthcare provider if you need specific advice on the flu vaccine for your child.

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