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Play our snakes and ladders flu game

Snakes and ladders flu game cardsA special flu-based version of snakes and ladders has been developed by the Oxford Academic Health Science Network Children’s Network.

Play the game and educate yourselves and the children in your care about the nasal flu spray vaccine!

Here’s how to play:

  1. Click on this snake image to download and print the snakes and ladders cards – or use this link
  2. Collate the cards so they are double-sided – purple for children, white for adults
  3. There are six snakes and six ladders so you should end up with 12 double-sided cards
  4. Now you’re ready to play! The cards can be used with a conventional snakes and ladders game board or a large format floor mat
  5. When a child player lands on a ladder choose a ladder card and help them to read out the purple message
  6. The white side of the card is further information for adults
  7. Likewise if you land on a snake use a snake card.

Good luck!

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